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Cities reject cell towers

Church cell-tower forum upsets neighbors -- The Signal Is Clear--Town Defeats Cell Tower!

Colonia cell-tower decision moved to January, angering residents
Casey said residents would have to bring in a real estate expert to testify on the issue of property values.

County of Los Angeles: Board of Supervisors denies T-Mobile cell tower proposed for Hacienda Heights upon appeal; see County of Los Angeles website for Motion of Intent to Deny by Supervisor Don Knabe, October 27, 2009, on-line at:  Also see County of Los Angeles Counsel, Findings and order adopted March 9, 2010, 6 pages, on-line at:

City of Los Angeles Associate Zoning Administrator Maya E. Zaitzevsky denies T-Mobile cell tower in Toluca Lake, CA (North Hollywood-Valley Village area): see CUP denial, Case No. ZA 2009-1873 (CUW), February 17, 2010; Los Angeles Planning Department website, on-line Summary at:; final Decision on-line directly here:;Doc=1A86F.

City Council for Temple City, CA, denies monopine cell tower proposed for church location in residential neighborhood: see attached Resolution 10-4664 (Attachment below), passed, approved and adopted March 16, 2010.  Source: City Clerk, Temple City, CA.

City Council for City of Irvine, CA, denies NewPath DAS installations for Turtle Rock community, resolution approved August 11, 2009.  See on-line at City of Irvine website at:

NY Town enacts touch cell tower limits

Church cell tower rejected