AT&T community meeting

AT&T held a community meeting on January 11, 2011, to "discuss" their proposed cell tower. Read about it:
Other notable lowlights from the meeting:
  • AT&T came with no audience microphone to allow residents' questions to be heard.
  • No-one from the church attended to address questions about the financial arrangements, such as how much money is being kept by the property owner (the Roman Catholic Welfare Corp. of San Jose) and how much is given to the actual church. 
  • AT&T's "meeting facilitator" scolded audience members for knowing the answers to questions that the AT&T reps did not know, and for repeating parts of questions or comments from the audience that they had not repeated into the microphone.
  • AT&T came with no data about existing facilities in the city, and whether they had been upgraded to try to provide better service without new towers.
  • When asked about usefulness of the facility in emergencies such as earthquakes, AT&T stressed that their tower was seismically sound, but failed to mention that with no generator and limited batteries the site would lose power, and with aerial backhaul the site could be easily cut off by falling poles/trees.
Do you live in a poor coverage area, and want immediate health benefits without waiting for a new tower to reduce your phone's emitted signal? GO HANDSFREE, and stop holding the phone to your head. You have a choice. Remember, the people living under the constant exposure of a cell tower and the aggregate signal of everyone's calls do not have that choice.

Download the flyer.

Download the Application Withdrawal Form and send to Rev. Msgr. Francis V. Cilia to help him withdraw the proposed cell tower application. Rev. Msgr. Francis V. Cilia needs to sign, date, and return this form to the City of Palo Alto to WITHDRAW the permit application for the proposed cell tower at 1095 Channing Ave.

Please be a good neighbor and forward the Application Withdrawal Form to:

Rev. Msgr. Francis V. Cilia
Roman Catholic Welfare
Corp. of San Jose
Diocese of San Jose
1150 N. First Street, Suite 100
San Jose, CA 95112

or fax to (408) 983-0295

or call to (408) 983-0100

or email to
Stephen Stuart,
Jan 5, 2011, 11:49 PM
Stephen Stuart,
Jan 5, 2011, 11:50 PM