Palo Alto cell tower for AT&T

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This tower is proposed to be located in a residential neighborhood at 1095 Channing Ave. in Palo Alto, together with St. Elizabeth Seton School, which reported a 2009-2010 enrollment of 269 children in grades K-8 (source: California Department of Education Private School Directory).

Nearby are Duveneck Elementary School and Walter Hays Elementary School.

Data from shows that there are thirteen pre-existing towers within a one-mile radius of the proposed tower, six of which are owned by companies that have been bought by AT&T (Pacific Bell, Cingular Wireless):

In the City of Palo Alto, within four miles of the proposed site, there are 49 pre-existing towers, 9 of which belong to companies which have been bought by AT&T (Pacific Bell, Cingular). Many of the others belong to other telecommunication companies with which AT&T could co-locate:

AT&T has a store location at 2825 El Camino Real, Palo Alto, CA 94306, in a commercially-zoned district. Why do they not apply for a cell tower on top of their building, and irradiate their own employees?

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